Users are tracked online by a multitude of companies in order to build detailed records of individual browsing behaviors, often without consent. Many website operators are unaware of the user data they collect, and more importantly, the third parties who collect data on visitors to their sites.

Identifying data leaks and locating inadequate privacy policies which govern this type of data collection is critical in the context of new international regulations governing data protection.

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Dr Tim LibertChief Technologist

Tim Libert is a faculty member in the Privacy Engineering program at Carnegie Mellon University. He created webXray in 2013 in an effort to reveal the third-parties tracking users online, and has published several peer-reviewed studies with the tool. He has previously held positions at the University of Oxford, the University of Pennsylvania, and his research has received international press coverage.

He supervises the development of the webXray and policyXray platforms, and conducts technical audits of third-party content on the web.

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Paul MayDirector

Paul is an ICA-trained compliance consultant, trainer and writer. Paul has 10 years of experience in the digital marketing & compliance industries, with technology companies, finance, NGOs and large enterprises.

He works with our clients to understand their requirements and specifications, and writes our commercial report.