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WEBXRAY is a privacy and security consultancy. We build & use tools to identify third-party data collection, and analyze privacy policies for tracking disclosure. We provide commerical reports and raw material on third party data collection.



Users are tracked online by third parties who compile detailed records of individual browsing behaviours, without consent. In many case, both the original domain owner and the user are unaware of this practice.

Third party data collection creates a variety of risks to users and businesses alike. Users can have their identifiable details sold and passed onto third parties for dubious and often dangerous reasons, such as for the purposes of fraud, or elaborate phishing scams.


Why now?

The European Commission launched the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/5679 on May 25 2018, which enhances the provisions and requirements of those collecting and processing identifiable information from web users.


Businesses must ensure that their systems protect their users from data breaches and third party collection, and will be given severe sanctions for failing to do so.


Prior to the GDPR many companies frequently employed the services of third party developers and agencies who either did not build their platforms with user privacy in mind or to the standards of the new regulations. Unsolicited third party data collection has now become a grave risk to any business which collects or processes user data.


Why webXray?

WEBXRAY uses tools built under peer-review to collect real-time data on third party data collection on pages at scale. This unique capability gives us the ability to target whole sectors for breaches.


WEBXRAY can produce reports and raw data on entire countries, sectors or topics. The platform has been developed to uniquely perform this information at a scale incomparable to other solutions.


Because we capture the flows of third party data, WEBXRAY can show where the user data collected falls under 'legitimate use'. These functions are critical to B2B companies.




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Dr Tim LibertChief Technologist

Tim Libert is a faculty member in the Privacy Engineering program at Carnegie Mellon University. He created webXray in 2013 in an effort to reveal the third-parties tracking users online, and has published several peer-reviewed studies with the tool. In 2018, he developed policyXray, the only peer-reviewed tool capable of auditing disclosure of third-parties in website privacy policies. He has previously held positions at the University of Oxford, the University of Pennsylvania, and his research has received international press coverage. He supervises the development of the webXray and policyXray platforms, and conducts technical audits of third-party content on the web.

team member

Paul MayDirector

Paul is an ICA-trained compliance consultant, trainer and writer. Paul has 10 years of experience in the digital marketing & compliance industries, with technology companies, finance, NGOs and large enterprises.

He works with our clients to understand their requirements and specifications, and writes our commercial report.

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